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Visualforce Remote object – I’m single

Visualforce remote object are proxy object that allows basic DML operation on sObject directly from java script. Without having any controller class we can able to retrieve, create, update, upsert and delete operations in a single visualforce page itself. Remote object call don't count towards API request limits and it supports call back functionality. This is an efficient method when creating page for use in Salesforce1 or working with libraries such as jQuery or AngularJS. Currently remote object is available as a developer preview.  Following are two main parts of VF Remote object Access definitions - Written in visualforce using new Remote objects components. This will create the javascript proxy object. Data access function – Written in javascript. In this section we will perform the create, select, edit and delete operation for the proxy object record. It’s interesting right, lets have a look into each operations.  Here is the single visualforce page( GitHu