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Display more than 3 dashboard components in Home page

In salesforce we can display only 3 dashboard components in the home page, many of customers wants to display more than 3 dashboard components in home page, instead of by navigating to the dashboard tab and then select their components to see. Just follow this tricks to display more than 3 dashboard components in salesforce Goto Your mame-->setup-->Customize-->Home-->Home page components  Click New to create a custom component, then give name to the component and then select HTML area After that Select show HTML check box as shown in the screenshot Then paste the following code and then click save.  <iframe src="/00000000000?isdtp=lt" frameborder="0" height="900" width="1280"></iframe > Note:-/000000000 is the Id of the dashboard,change that into your dashboard Id which you want to display in the Home page. I came to know about this trick in salesforce community. Just look at this salesforce Id