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Salesforce1 Developer Week - Chennai

Successfully organized 9th Salesforce developer meetup in Chennai. It’s a worldwide event where salesforce developer groups across the world will be meeting to talk Salesforce1 development and participate in coding challenges. With more than 1.5 million developers in the salesforce developer community, we the salesforce developers are proud to be a part of it and celebrated.This time we had Raja Rao DV  from Salesforce Developer Evangelists team as a Special Guest. Last year we had around 35 developers for the Mobile Developer Week event, this time We had a great response from developers, nearly 75 developers showed up for the event. This shows the tremendous growth in the Salesforce developer community in Chennai. RajaRao salesforce developer evangelist traveled to India from San Francisco to present about Salesforce1 platform and its best practices. It was a very informative and helpful session for the developers to build an optimized application in Salesforce1. Here is the sli