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Salesforce Lightning and Fitbit

In this article let's see how to integrate Fitbit and Salesforce. Fitbit is the one of the popular health activity tracking device which will monitor your steps, calories, heart rate, distances walked and lot more features. Here we are going to build a simple Lightning component to display the Fitbit data in the salesforce. You will be learning about following in this article How to connect with Fitbit API How to use Auth. Provider and Named Credential for External application authentication process How to integrate with Fitbit using Lightning Components How to use Lightning Design Systems for the new Lightning Experiences Step 1: Connect to Fitbit Fitbit provides API access for developers to get your activity data from the external application.All your activity data from your Fitbit device will be synced with your Fitbit account when your device is connected to the Internet. In order to get those information, we have to authenticate with the Fitbit application. Authenti