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Salesforce Mobile SDK recent release

Salesforce launched Mobile SDK 3.1 and provided it upgrades for the developers to enhance their mobile applications. SDK provided a way for any developer to connect securely with enterprise data to any mobile app say native, hybrid and HTML5. If you havenot come across with Salesforce mobile SDK, check here Salesforce recently launched mobile sdk 3.1 latest release with its updated, new and enhanced features, giving developers a chance to enhance, deep dive into the mobile applications. Exciting new features to mention few: Unified SmartSync API for native and hybrid apps Canonical Sample Apps that show how to create native and hybrid apps with data synchronization Improved build tools for iOS and Android Flows to initiate authentication with an enterprise certificate Cocoapods for iOS Here is the links to build Native iOS mobile app using SDK 3.1  The link has step by step procedure to build your first simple mobile application using SDK 3.1 and I have success