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Apex code best practices

Best practices for efficient and scalable apex code 1.Bulkify your code --> use 2.Avoid SOQL quires inside the for loop 3.Avoid DML operation inside the for loop 4.Use combination of collections and streamlining SOQL quires. 5.Avoid Multiple triggers on the same object. 6.Wrtite Test Methods to verify large datasets. 7.Avoid Hardcoding Ids 8.Use Batch apex class to avoid Governer limits. Source: developerforce Link:-

Test your Workflow Outbound Message

Do you need any endpoint URL to test your workflow outbound message? Are you curious about the output of outbound message? Here is the simple method. An outbound message is a workflow, approval, or milestone action that sends the information you specify to an endpoint you designate, such as an external service. An outbound message sends the data in the specified fields in the form of a SOAP message to the endpoint. Configure outbound message 1. Enter a name for this outbound message. 2. Enter a unique name to refer to this component in the API and to prevent naming conflicts for managed package installations. 3. Enter a description for this outbound message. 4. Before giving the endpoint url just go this website then click the MakePostbin button, a unique url will be generated and then copy the URL, use it as Endpoint in the outbound message 4. Enter an endpoint URL for the recipient of the message. Salesforce sends a SOAP message to

How to delete RecordType in salesforce

Do you think is there any difficulties in deleting record types in salesforce?. Many of them think 'No', Initially I too thought like that when tried to delete, then I realized the difficulties. Certain Profiles like the Chatter Free User can be assigned Record Types which cannot be removed by clicking an edit link in the Record Type Section of the Profile. This prevents Record Types from being deleted. In order to remove the record type from the Profile a URL 'Hack' must be performed. First, the Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface checkbox in the User Interface must be deselected: Setup> Customize> User Interface> Setup Section> Deselect  Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface > Save Proceed with the following Steps: 1)Please follow this click path: Setup> Manage Users> Profiles> System Administrator> Navigate to Record Types> Click the Edit Link on the Object in question's Section At this Point you will be at the E