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Lightning Picklist Path Component

Create your custom path for picklist field in any standard and custom objects. The new lightning picklistpath component in Winter18 helps us to display the picklist field progress similar to the lightning path. The path is rendered as a horizontal bar with one chevron for each picklist item, this component doesn't have key fields or guidance information and doesn't display the mark complete button similar to the lightning path.  <lightning:picklistPath aura:id="picklistPath" recordId="{!v.recordId}" picklistFieldApiName="status" / > The picklist path will display the progress based on the recordId and picklistApiName attribute value. Specify the API name of the picklist field in the picklistAPIName attribute which you want to display in the page layout and specify the Salesforce record ID in the recordID attribute so it renders the current value for the field in the page.   In this example, the status field in the case object disp

Lightning Data Table Component - Winter’18

Here is the another helpful component for salesforce lighting developers in Winter18 release. In this blog post let’s see about lightning data table component. This lightning component is to display the data in the tabular formate in a native salesforce lightning style. lightning:datatable This component used to display the data in a tabular formate which inherits the datable styling from lightning system . The column in the datatable can be displayed based on the data types for example if the email, phone or URL can displayed with the respective schema by specifying the type of the column. As a developer, we don’t have to use lightning design system div tags in your component to display the data in a table format instead a single line of code. Following are the features currently supported by this component Display column based on the data type Resizing the column width Selection of rows in the table Sorting of column Dynamic Data and Column You can specify the