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Become an Apex Integration Specialist in 2 hours

In the series of my favourite trailhead module blogpost this time, I’m going to cover about one of the most expected and important developer focused trailhead module “ Apex Integration Service ”. This time salesforce launched with new a Trail and 6 badges which brings over all 13 trails and 70 shiny badges in the Trailhead. Most of the salesforce projects will have an integration with the other application in the project life cycle. As a salesforce developer, we must have a sound knowledge in Integrations and salesforce provides this free “ Apex Integration service ” trailhead module which has 4 units with the followings topics Apex Integration Overview   This overview module makes you understand the difference between the Webservice and HTTP callouts and use of external site in Webservice topic salesforce Apex REST callouts  This module covers the both consuming and sending data through REST callouts. You will learn about the Deserialize  and  serialize   JSON strings in ap

Recent Items - Custom Lightning component

Here comes the another #Salesforce custom lightning component blog post. With this custom lightning components its easy to get the recent items of an object with dynamic fields and also it allows to limit the number of recent records you want to display in the page. This simple lightning component UI is designed with the salesforce lightning design system Let's get into the details, The recently viewed records of the current user are stored in the RecentlyViwed object which includes the user information, ID and object name of the recently viewed record. The following apex code contains the logic to get the recently accessed records. The logic is straightforward we will pass the following user input values name of the object, fields to get and the number of the records to be returned. The annotation @AuraEnabled allows the lighting javascript controller to call the method The above apex class will be called from the lightning javascript controller doInit function. Below is th