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Trailhead - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

I would like to share my personal experiences in this post before I talk about the topic I'm pretty sure everyone had this experience or will have when you are going to any family functions or meeting your old friends/relatives after a long gap. They gonna ask about where are you working? which technology? The same questions are asked to me when I was met my relative in the year 2011. I proudly told him that I'm working in salesforce technology, all of a sudden he said that "Oh..sales application? what product are you selling?" He imagined I'm in the sales/marketing department.  I can't explain to him about Apex, Visualforce, multitenancy etc., in any technical terms, I have to explain in layman's term to him about salesforce, somehow I managed to explain him about salesforce. Later I have spent lots of my time in watching many videos about salesforce, cloud computing and read many articles to understand the base of the technology first. I still remem