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Become an Apex Integration Specialist in 2 hours

In the series of my favourite trailhead module blogpost this time, I’m going to cover about one of the most expected and important developer focused trailhead module “ Apex Integration Service ”. This time salesforce launched with new a Trail and 6 badges which brings over all 13 trails and 70 shiny badges in the Trailhead. Most of the salesforce projects will have an integration with the other application in the project life cycle. As a salesforce developer, we must have a sound knowledge in Integrations and salesforce provides this free “ Apex Integration service ” trailhead module which has 4 units with the followings topics Apex Integration Overview   This overview module makes you understand the difference between the Webservice and HTTP callouts and use of external site in Webservice topic salesforce Apex REST callouts  This module covers the both consuming and sending data through REST callouts. You will learn about the Deserialize  and  serialize   JSON strings in ap

Recent Items - Custom Lightning component

Here comes the another #Salesforce custom lightning component blog post. With this custom lightning components its easy to get the recent items of an object with dynamic fields and also it allows to limit the number of recent records you want to display in the page. This simple lightning component UI is designed with the salesforce lightning design system Let's get into the details, The recently viewed records of the current user are stored in the RecentlyViwed object which includes the user information, ID and object name of the recently viewed record. The following apex code contains the logic to get the recently accessed records. The logic is straightforward we will pass the following user input values name of the object, fields to get and the number of the records to be returned. The annotation @AuraEnabled allows the lighting javascript controller to call the method The above apex class will be called from the lightning javascript controller doInit function. Below is th

Salesforce Lightning and Fitbit

In this article let's see how to integrate Fitbit and Salesforce. Fitbit is the one of the popular health activity tracking device which will monitor your steps, calories, heart rate, distances walked and lot more features. Here we are going to build a simple Lightning component to display the Fitbit data in the salesforce. You will be learning about following in this article How to connect with Fitbit API How to use Auth. Provider and Named Credential for External application authentication process How to integrate with Fitbit using Lightning Components How to use Lightning Design Systems for the new Lightning Experiences Step 1: Connect to Fitbit Fitbit provides API access for developers to get your activity data from the external application.All your activity data from your Fitbit device will be synced with your Fitbit account when your device is connected to the Internet. In order to get those information, we have to authenticate with the Fitbit application. Authenti

Plan your Dreamforce with “Dreamforce Trail”

Salesforce has many good resources for anybody looking to begin Salesforce as beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Trailhead is also one among the good resource to learn salesforce and my favorite too. I have also written blog post about Trailhead & my favorite module   This  blog post covers an interesting and helpful Trailhead module. Yes Its all about ' Dreamforce Trail ', if you are a Dreamforce Attendee, then I strongly recommend you to take a look into this Trailhead module. No Admin skill or No Developer skill is required for this module.Start winning Badges and is gamified so it motivates you to reach more badges and finally you end up gaining knowledge on Salesforce. Why do we have Dreamforce Trail module in Trailhead?  To help people who is coming to dreamforce for the first time and to plan well for the events. Dreamforce is a tech feast for anybody. Dreamforce is salesforce festival. If you don’t plan well, you will miss something highly helpful . This Dre

Summer of Trailhead - Chennai

Summer of Trailhead is one of the global salesforce user and developer group events which is completely free to attend and are open to users and developers of all experience levels.I'm very happy that Chennai Salesforce developer group also took part of this developer festival event. This is our 14th salesforce developer Meetup in Chennai. This time we got a huge turnout 90+ developers from the different company attended this event. Initially, we start with the overview of developer group with our 3rd-year celebration video, if you haven't checked that  before, check the below video Then Shivnath talked about the Tailhead and gave a brief overview of  salesforce Trailhead like how to start? how administrators and developers can get benefit out that.  Trailhead is a new way to learn about salesforce platform. If you are new salesforce Platform and want to learn about that? Tailhead is the best place for you to start your learning and more importantly

Trailhead & My Favourite Module

For anybody who is looking to learn salesforce or want to explore their salesforce knowledge then it is Trailhead that will help them to achieve. Salesforce announced trailhead at the 2014 dreamforce. Its a great platform that I would recommend everybody to explore. Trailhead is nothing but a platform provided by salesforce for anybody to learn salesforce easily. It covered all the basic and important topics and also provides a way to perform hands on by means of challenges. The concept behind it is super and I would like to thank the team who worked for this, best gift to the fellow developers. Best way to learn and play. MY FAVOURITE MODULE : Process Automation Process automation feature is the best way to achieve the business logic in a easy way by means of only clicks rather than coding. Salesforce provides multiple tools to automate the business process like Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflow, Workflow, and Approvals. There are currently 4 Process Automation

Avoid Duplicate Records Using Flow

In this blog post lets see how to avoid duplicate records in Salesforce using the powerful feature – Flow , As the word says, flow easily flows to fulfill the requirements with ease. ☺  Many think of appexchange solutions and source code to avoid the duplicate record in salesforce, But the method I'm going to explain here is completely different and very simple. It helps you to reduce your code and can easily rebuild for other objects with different field logic with simple clicks. Lets jump into the solution, we will use flow to check duplicate record logic and use apex trigger to initiate the Flow whenever a record is created or updated. Visual Work Flow : [Click] First we will create the Flow to check the duplicate records based on the name and store the result in the variable. In this example, we will use the Account object for the dupe check. Step 1  : Create a new visual flow with the Name ‘ DuplicateAccountCheck ' Step 2  : Click and drag the RecordLookup into t

Lightning Developer Week - Chennai

Awesome turnout this time at  Lightning Developer Week in Chennai. This is our 12th salesforce developer meetup in Chennai and its special event for everyone. Lightning Developer Week  is global event, where 100+ Salesforce Developer, User, and Non-Profit groups across the globe will be meeting during Lightning Week to experience first hand the power of Salesforce1 Lightning and we are happy that Chennai Developer group is also part of this global event. In Chennai, this time more than 100 developers joined and participated in the lightning hands on session.This time the crowd was big, hall with full of energy. This meetup covered the complete lightning kit that developers was eagerly looking forward to learn and get their hands dirty.Lightning is a ground-breaking release of the platform to easily build apps fast and easy Shivanath , gave a presentation on Lightning topics. Developers had many questions and shivanath answered all the questions. Thank you so much Shivanath .

Salesforce Mobile SDK recent release

Salesforce launched Mobile SDK 3.1 and provided it upgrades for the developers to enhance their mobile applications. SDK provided a way for any developer to connect securely with enterprise data to any mobile app say native, hybrid and HTML5. If you havenot come across with Salesforce mobile SDK, check here Salesforce recently launched mobile sdk 3.1 latest release with its updated, new and enhanced features, giving developers a chance to enhance, deep dive into the mobile applications. Exciting new features to mention few: Unified SmartSync API for native and hybrid apps Canonical Sample Apps that show how to create native and hybrid apps with data synchronization Improved build tools for iOS and Android Flows to initiate authentication with an enterprise certificate Cocoapods for iOS Here is the links to build Native iOS mobile app using SDK 3.1  The link has step by step procedure to build your first simple mobile application using SDK 3.1 and I have success