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How to add Lead automatically to campaign capturing from Web?

How to add Lead automatically to campaign capurted from Web? Step 1:- Create Web-to-Lead form under YourName-->setup-->Customize-->Leads-->Web-to-Lead Then click Create Web-to-Lead form Step 2:- Include the fields, which you want to add in the web form Then Click Generate Now HTML code is generated. Step 3:- In the HTML code just add these two line <input type="hidden"  id="Campaign_ID" name="Campaign_ID" value=" <Specify the salesforce Id of the campaign> " /><br> <input type="hidden"  id="member_status" name="member_status" value="true" /><br> Step 4:- Now click save and include in your web page Now we are done. All the leads captured from the web-to-Lead form are automatically assigned to the campaign which we specified.