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Case Comment in Salesforce1

Here comes the post on adding case comments in salesforce1. Have you tried? If yes then you would have landed up in saying that you cant add case comments in salesforce1. Yes currently Salesforce1 doesn’t support adding case comments from Salesforce1. Hope in upcoming release we might get as native functionality (#SafeHarbor). So how can we achieve that ? Lets  see what are the ways available for us . So as we do always, lets think of any declarative methods for this one.So creating publisher action is one that is available in this case. Lets try that. Creating Object specific publisher Action – We can easily create object specific publisher action in Salesforce and bring that into salesforce1.OOPS !!!! Unfortunately Case Comment object is not supported in the publisher action So other option is to go for custom visualforce page Custom Visualforce page – Yes this way we can achieve what we wanted. Before jumping in, First we will see where I can show my Visualforce page in

My First Hackathon Experience

Last weekend has been one of the most exciting of my life. What so exciting? What so interesting ? Yes its all the great Summer Of Hacks a Hackthon event in banglore conducted by Salesforce. Woaaahhhhh three days of continuous coding. Hack Hack Hack !!! Day 1:[Networking and Coding] We reached the venue early and that gave us a very good chance for handshakes with the Great MVPs  Abinav Gupta ( MVP) and  Shivnath devinarayanan (Salesforce MVP). You don’t know how much energy we get by seeing the salesforce community. Wooahh It was awesome. Note: So reach a venue earlier and get a good hot handshake  J  and collaborate and also to mention events like this give us a chance to meet the MVPs and you know I met them after two years. Well ! Next it was a welcome note given by the energetic Kavindra Patel . Then every team had to submit their ideas and then vote for others. Around 72 ideas pitched in the event and in that 27 teams are formed based on idea voting. And you