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Social Marketing Cloud

Radian6 a product of company which we are calling it as Social Marketing Cloud.  Now a days Social Network becomes more for business purpose, people are starts to speak about your products in the social networks. How we going to know what they are speaking about products, there are millions users and information is sharing in the social network. How we going to analyze those information into valuable information? It simple, just have  radian6, it will give all the information about your products in the social media   like how people are talking about products? Reports and dashboard about your products in the social networks? who wrote the review? Month wise analyze, lots and lots of more information. You can also integrate with your salesforce account, to creating new leads from radian6. To get more information about radian6 just login into , currently now they are offering free online training class about radian6, just register in the following lin

Web to Lead in Salesforce

There are many ways to capture leads into your account, one of the popular way in capturing a leads is from website. How to capture my customer information from my own web site into my salesforce account? do you think this too complicate, i will say No. Salesforce made everything as simple, ok lets get into the steps Login into your salesforce account Goto Yourname --> Setup -->Customize -->Lead --> Web-to-Lead  Check whether Web-to-Lead is enabled for your organisation Click Create Web-to-Lead form, in the next window select the list of fields do you need to collect from your customers Then add the return URL for your website Click Generate button, it will generate the HTML code, just use that HTML code in your website We are done! Just run your website with that HTML code, when we enter the information in the website form then it will be created as Lead into your Salesforce account

How to add your company logo in Salesforce

Here is the simple steps to add your company logo into your salesforce account Before get into the steps we need to upload the image/logo into your salesforce account, you can able to upload the image under documents tab Just login into your salesforce account, Go to yourname --> setup --> appsetup --> Customize --> homepage component  Under the custom component click New and then click next  Give the Name as Logo and select the type as image , click next Click the insert image button and select the image/logo file Then click save Now we are successfully uploaded logo into salesforce, next step is we need to enable the custom component in the home page layout Go to yourname --> setup --> appsetup --> Customize --> homepage layout Click edit the layout Then select our component after that click next Move our custom component in the top of the left side column Then click the save button   That's it, We are done! Company logo is added into your s