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Avoid Internal view state in Visualforce page

Have you ever overcome this issue of hitting internal view state limit on export to excel from Visualforce page? Well I had, so here is my blog post on how I resolved this. Hope it will help others. I want bulk of records to be exported to excel using a visualforce page. Implementing export to excel functionality is very simple using visualforce. apex:pageblocktable is used to display all records in tabular format and contentType as excel sheet is included to convert the visualforce page to excel. To overcome collection size limit I set readonly attribute as true for the page, since we are not going to perform any DML operations and used nested collection to handle more than 10K records. Since I had very few records in my organization I dint find any issue in exporting records from my visualforce. Later I tried to export for more than 10K records. Then I landed up in an exception saying View state limit error message. When I checked the view state of the particular page, I found i

Salesforce DUG Chennai - Feb month meetup

Successfully organized 8th Salesforce developer user group meetup in Chennai on 16 th  of February 2014. Great turnout this time, 30 salesforce developers from different organizations joined this meetup.  Abhilash(@goabhigo)  from Extentor Tquila gave a presentation on his experience in certifications.The presentation gave an insight of different levels of certification and also tips and preparation guidelines.It was really an helpful session for those who prepare for Certification of all levels. Big thanks to Abhilash for a wonderful and helpful session. Then I presented about Salesforce1 platform, a walkthrough of all salesforce1 features of both admin and developer along with the demo. It was an interactive session where many questions were arised on Salesforce1 . I referred Sandeep’s @cloudysan presentation on salesforce1 at SF developer user group meeting.  Here is my presentation slide. Then a general discussion on and regarding the upcoming meet