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Summer of Trailhead - Chennai

Summer of Trailhead is one of the global salesforce user and developer group events which is completely free to attend and are open to users and developers of all experience levels.I'm very happy that Chennai Salesforce developer group also took part of this developer festival event. This is our 14th salesforce developer Meetup in Chennai. This time we got a huge turnout 90+ developers from the different company attended this event. Initially, we start with the overview of developer group with our 3rd-year celebration video, if you haven't checked that  before, check the below video Then Shivnath talked about the Tailhead and gave a brief overview of  salesforce Trailhead like how to start? how administrators and developers can get benefit out that.  Trailhead is a new way to learn about salesforce platform. If you are new salesforce Platform and want to learn about that? Tailhead is the best place for you to start your learning and more importantly