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Trust Me..I’m a Salesforce1 developer

Long back I posted about “ Resume infographics/dashboard ” which is built  using visualforce charting components. Now its time to upgrade resume infographics with responsive UI design. Yes, now I have updated  updated my resume dashboard completely with responsive charting components. You can able view my resume dashboard in your mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. I have used the Amcharts because of the mobile first approach and also it is easy to implement in visualforce page.Using site I have enabled the public access to my visualforce page and data.All the data in the page are displayed from my developer organization. Here is the link Looking forward for your feedbacks and comments. Happy Coding!!!

Export records from List view – ListView API

As part of the Winter’15 release salesforce introduced the List View API features which helps us to get details and records of list views for an object. I was started exploring more about the List view API and trying to build an use case using that. So I searched about List View in the IdeaExchange site then found that many users are looking for a solution to export records to excel directly from the list view. I built a solution for that Idea, which helps user to download all the records directly from the List view for both standard and custom object. You don’t have to make any change in the code to use this functionality for different objects. All you need is to create a custom button for that object as mentioned below. Lets take an example for Account object 1. Go to Setup –> Accounts –> Buttons, Links and Actions 2. Click ‘New Button or Link' 3. Enter  Label, Name and select display type as ‘List Button’ 4. Content source as “Onclick Javascript” and paste the

10th Chennai Salesforce Meetup - Recap

After the  Salesforce1 developer week  in Chennai, yesterday we gathered to discuss about Winter’15 release and Dreamforce. Our fellow group members showed very good response for this event from the time this event was scheduled. This time 50+ salesforce administrators and developers from different companies gathered and three developers from Trichy who traveled more than 300 kms to attended this meetup. Everyone so excited about this event and that shows the energy. Initially I presented about the Visualforce remote object, which is one of the generally available features in Winter’15 release, we had trivia in the mid of my topic which helps to make the session more interactive and many attendees bagged awesome salesforce t-shirts and books.Here is my presentation deck and refer this link for the code samples. Then Shivanath presented about Dreamforce, What is dreamforce event? and how its helpful for the developers. The session is really helpful for the attendees those who h

Tooling API + Salesforce1 = SalesforceD

Hope you all know about SalesforceA mobile app for admin, which helps to perform user management tasks like editing user details, resetting passwords, assigning permission sets, and unlocking, freezing, and deactivating user accounts—all from your mobile device, why can't we have an app for developers do some basic stuffs from their mobile phones? So I thought of bringing some basic activities of developers to perform from their mobile application. We are not bringing entire developer console functionality into a mobile, personally I don't think it going to helpful for developers, its difficult to write code in a touch screen keyboards. First lets take a simple functionality "Checking overall coverage" from your Salesforce1. When I checked for the different possibilities found that Tooling API is the only method where we can easily bring the development functionality into mobile. Tooling API provides both SOAP and REST services that allow us to build custom devel

Authenticate Salesforce with LinkedIn

In this blog post let see about how to configure social single sign-on authentication for salesforce. As part of Winter15 release salesforce provided social single sign-on using LinkedIn and twitter also. Now lets see about how to configure using LinkedIn.This allows user to login in to your salesforce organization using their social media account, this functionality can be used for both internal and external(community users). Let see step by step procedure for LinkedIn. Create LinkedIn Application: Log into your LinkedIn developer account . Click on the username at the top of the page and select API keys Click Add Application and enter all mandatory settings and save. Note down the API key and Secrete key  we will use it later in salesforce LinkedIn Auth. Provider in salesforce: Go to setup->Security control->Auth. Providers select LinkedIn in the provider, then enter the name and URL suffix. In the Consumer Key enter the API key and in the Consumer secrete

Visualforce Remote object – I’m single

Visualforce remote object are proxy object that allows basic DML operation on sObject directly from java script. Without having any controller class we can able to retrieve, create, update, upsert and delete operations in a single visualforce page itself. Remote object call don't count towards API request limits and it supports call back functionality. This is an efficient method when creating page for use in Salesforce1 or working with libraries such as jQuery or AngularJS. Currently remote object is available as a developer preview.  Following are two main parts of VF Remote object Access definitions - Written in visualforce using new Remote objects components. This will create the javascript proxy object. Data access function – Written in javascript. In this section we will perform the create, select, edit and delete operation for the proxy object record. It’s interesting right, lets have a look into each operations.  Here is the single visualforce page( GitHu

Case Comment in Salesforce1

Here comes the post on adding case comments in salesforce1. Have you tried? If yes then you would have landed up in saying that you cant add case comments in salesforce1. Yes currently Salesforce1 doesn’t support adding case comments from Salesforce1. Hope in upcoming release we might get as native functionality (#SafeHarbor). So how can we achieve that ? Lets  see what are the ways available for us . So as we do always, lets think of any declarative methods for this one.So creating publisher action is one that is available in this case. Lets try that. Creating Object specific publisher Action – We can easily create object specific publisher action in Salesforce and bring that into salesforce1.OOPS !!!! Unfortunately Case Comment object is not supported in the publisher action So other option is to go for custom visualforce page Custom Visualforce page – Yes this way we can achieve what we wanted. Before jumping in, First we will see where I can show my Visualforce page in

My First Hackathon Experience

Last weekend has been one of the most exciting of my life. What so exciting? What so interesting ? Yes its all the great Summer Of Hacks a Hackthon event in banglore conducted by Salesforce. Woaaahhhhh three days of continuous coding. Hack Hack Hack !!! Day 1:[Networking and Coding] We reached the venue early and that gave us a very good chance for handshakes with the Great MVPs  Abinav Gupta ( MVP) and  Shivnath devinarayanan (Salesforce MVP). You don’t know how much energy we get by seeing the salesforce community. Wooahh It was awesome. Note: So reach a venue earlier and get a good hot handshake  J  and collaborate and also to mention events like this give us a chance to meet the MVPs and you know I met them after two years. Well ! Next it was a welcome note given by the energetic Kavindra Patel . Then every team had to submit their ideas and then vote for others. Around 72 ideas pitched in the event and in that 27 teams are formed based on idea voting. And you

Salesforce1 Developer Week - Chennai

Successfully organized 9th Salesforce developer meetup in Chennai. It’s a worldwide event where salesforce developer groups across the world will be meeting to talk Salesforce1 development and participate in coding challenges. With more than 1.5 million developers in the salesforce developer community, we the salesforce developers are proud to be a part of it and celebrated.This time we had Raja Rao DV  from Salesforce Developer Evangelists team as a Special Guest. Last year we had around 35 developers for the Mobile Developer Week event, this time We had a great response from developers, nearly 75 developers showed up for the event. This shows the tremendous growth in the Salesforce developer community in Chennai. RajaRao salesforce developer evangelist traveled to India from San Francisco to present about Salesforce1 platform and its best practices. It was a very informative and helpful session for the developers to build an optimized application in Salesforce1. Here is the sli

Avoid Internal view state in Visualforce page

Have you ever overcome this issue of hitting internal view state limit on export to excel from Visualforce page? Well I had, so here is my blog post on how I resolved this. Hope it will help others. I want bulk of records to be exported to excel using a visualforce page. Implementing export to excel functionality is very simple using visualforce. apex:pageblocktable is used to display all records in tabular format and contentType as excel sheet is included to convert the visualforce page to excel. To overcome collection size limit I set readonly attribute as true for the page, since we are not going to perform any DML operations and used nested collection to handle more than 10K records. Since I had very few records in my organization I dint find any issue in exporting records from my visualforce. Later I tried to export for more than 10K records. Then I landed up in an exception saying View state limit error message. When I checked the view state of the particular page, I found i

Salesforce DUG Chennai - Feb month meetup

Successfully organized 8th Salesforce developer user group meetup in Chennai on 16 th  of February 2014. Great turnout this time, 30 salesforce developers from different organizations joined this meetup.  Abhilash(@goabhigo)  from Extentor Tquila gave a presentation on his experience in certifications.The presentation gave an insight of different levels of certification and also tips and preparation guidelines.It was really an helpful session for those who prepare for Certification of all levels. Big thanks to Abhilash for a wonderful and helpful session. Then I presented about Salesforce1 platform, a walkthrough of all salesforce1 features of both admin and developer along with the demo. It was an interactive session where many questions were arised on Salesforce1 . I referred Sandeep’s @cloudysan presentation on salesforce1 at SF developer user group meeting.  Here is my presentation slide. Then a general discussion on and regarding the upcoming meet