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Salesforce and littleBits Integration - Part 2

In my previous salesforce and littleBits Integration post, I have explained about sending information from the littleBits device to Salesforce, when there is a button click (physical button click) on the device it will insert a new record in salesforce. In a simpler word, we sent information from littleBits to Salesforce. Now in the part-2, we are going to send information from salesforce to littleBits device. In this post, I'm going to explain how to turn on and Off the LED light connected to my littleBits device from salesforce Step 1: Setting up littleBits Device For this demo, you need one cloud bits, one USB power, one LED module and an external charger for power. Setup your littleBit device kits as shown in the below picture Now go to and copy the device id and access token which is required to send information from salesforce to littleBits. Step 2: Setting up Salesforce Here we are going to setup salesforce to send information t