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I am a developer

This blog post is about my resume infographic built using salesforce visualforce charting. I hope you all familiar with Siddesh Kabe resume infographics which built using salesforce dashboards and report (check  here ). In the similar way I planned to build my inforgraphics in salesforce platform using visualforce charting component and finally i got some time to build that. The Visualforce charting component is generally available from Winter’13 release. Using site I enabled the public access to my visualforce page and data. Check this link This infographic is built on the Salesforce platform using visualforce page and apex controller, the dashboards in the page are displayed using native visualforce charting component (except: “About me”  section which is an image generated using   ) and data are  retrieved  from my developer organization. Looking forward for your suggestions/comments and thoughts.

Rolling out the Chennai Salesforce Developer User Group

Finally organized the first Salesforce developer meet up in Chennai on Sept-08.Now it's turn of Chennai Salesforce platform developer user group. Really amazing response from the Chennai Salesforce developers, totally 41 people registered for the event and 22 people attended the event, due to heavy rain in the morning some of them are unable to join they informed me through email and call. In the  inaugural meetup we had two technical session one through online and other in offline. Initially I gave intro about the user group and then Ritika Dhandia who is technical lead in and Venkat who is developer in joined through online. Ritika took one hour session on “Salesforce mobile sdk” and showed demo on it, then she answered some technical questions related to Salesforce platform through online and then Satheesh (member of group) he took a session on  “how to deploy the app in the AppExchange”. Later we gave opportunity to each attendee to share thei

Avoid hitting governor limits

DML operation Using DML statement inside the for loop is not a good practise.Total number of DML operation can be performed in a Apex class is 150. The following example doesn't bulkify DML operation, it will throw an Apex governor limit exception. In this example for loop iterates over LineItem contained in the liList list variable, for each iteration it will update Line item with new description. It will work up to 150 recrds, for the 151st records this trigger throws an run time exception for exceeding governor limit for DML operation. So how can we over come this issue? one straight answer is avoid DML operation inside the for loop Below example is recommended alternative code which will work in Bulk operation More efficient SOQL Queries Similar to DML operation placing the SOQL query inside the loop is not a good practise. Total number of SOQL query issued in the apex class is 100. The following example shows the inefficient querieng of child item. The SOQL quer

How to disable Task when Converting Lead in Salesforce

There is already solution for "Do not create new opportunity upon conversion" in the Lead convert process. That is really awesome post, If you didn't know about it check this link But many of the customers are posting in salesforce community and also in Salesforce Idea that they don't want to create Task also when converting the Lead to Account. I thought that by writing code or creating custom page will give solution to the problem. But the answer is so simple, I believe this will give solution to the users Just follow this simple steps.. Click YourName-->setup-->Customize-->Activities-->Task Page layout Then Click Edit to the Page Layout, now Pagelayout window will appear as shown in the screenshot Move mouse pointer to the Subject field,now wrench icon will appear click that to edit the subject field properties. Then disable the Required chec

Display more than 3 dashboard components in Home page

In salesforce we can display only 3 dashboard components in the home page, many of customers wants to display more than 3 dashboard components in home page, instead of by navigating to the dashboard tab and then select their components to see. Just follow this tricks to display more than 3 dashboard components in salesforce Goto Your mame-->setup-->Customize-->Home-->Home page components  Click New to create a custom component, then give name to the component and then select HTML area After that Select show HTML check box as shown in the screenshot Then paste the following code and then click save.  <iframe src="/00000000000?isdtp=lt" frameborder="0" height="900" width="1280"></iframe > Note:-/000000000 is the Id of the dashboard,change that into your dashboard Id which you want to display in the Home page. I came to know about this trick in salesforce community. Just look at this salesforce Id

How to add Lead automatically to campaign capturing from Web?

How to add Lead automatically to campaign capurted from Web? Step 1:- Create Web-to-Lead form under YourName-->setup-->Customize-->Leads-->Web-to-Lead Then click Create Web-to-Lead form Step 2:- Include the fields, which you want to add in the web form Then Click Generate Now HTML code is generated. Step 3:- In the HTML code just add these two line <input type="hidden"  id="Campaign_ID" name="Campaign_ID" value=" <Specify the salesforce Id of the campaign> " /><br> <input type="hidden"  id="member_status" name="member_status" value="true" /><br> Step 4:- Now click save and include in your web page Now we are done. All the leads captured from the web-to-Lead form are automatically assigned to the campaign which we specified.

Apex code best practices

Best practices for efficient and scalable apex code 1.Bulkify your code --> use 2.Avoid SOQL quires inside the for loop 3.Avoid DML operation inside the for loop 4.Use combination of collections and streamlining SOQL quires. 5.Avoid Multiple triggers on the same object. 6.Wrtite Test Methods to verify large datasets. 7.Avoid Hardcoding Ids 8.Use Batch apex class to avoid Governer limits. Source: developerforce Link:-

Test your Workflow Outbound Message

Do you need any endpoint URL to test your workflow outbound message? Are you curious about the output of outbound message? Here is the simple method. An outbound message is a workflow, approval, or milestone action that sends the information you specify to an endpoint you designate, such as an external service. An outbound message sends the data in the specified fields in the form of a SOAP message to the endpoint. Configure outbound message 1. Enter a name for this outbound message. 2. Enter a unique name to refer to this component in the API and to prevent naming conflicts for managed package installations. 3. Enter a description for this outbound message. 4. Before giving the endpoint url just go this website then click the MakePostbin button, a unique url will be generated and then copy the URL, use it as Endpoint in the outbound message 4. Enter an endpoint URL for the recipient of the message. Salesforce sends a SOAP message to

How to delete RecordType in salesforce

Do you think is there any difficulties in deleting record types in salesforce?. Many of them think 'No', Initially I too thought like that when tried to delete, then I realized the difficulties. Certain Profiles like the Chatter Free User can be assigned Record Types which cannot be removed by clicking an edit link in the Record Type Section of the Profile. This prevents Record Types from being deleted. In order to remove the record type from the Profile a URL 'Hack' must be performed. First, the Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface checkbox in the User Interface must be deselected: Setup> Customize> User Interface> Setup Section> Deselect  Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface > Save Proceed with the following Steps: 1)Please follow this click path: Setup> Manage Users> Profiles> System Administrator> Navigate to Record Types> Click the Edit Link on the Object in question's Section At this Point you will be at the E