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Trailhead - Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

I would like to share my personal experiences in this post before I talk about the topic I'm pretty sure everyone had this experience or will have when you are going to any family functions or meeting your old friends/relatives after a long gap. They gonna ask about where are you working? which technology? The same questions are asked to me when I was met my relative in the year 2011. I proudly told him that I'm working in salesforce technology, all of a sudden he said that "Oh..sales application? what product are you selling?" He imagined I'm in the sales/marketing department.  I can't explain to him about Apex, Visualforce, multitenancy etc., in any technical terms, I have to explain in layman's term to him about salesforce, somehow I managed to explain him about salesforce.

Later I have spent lots of my time in watching many videos about salesforce, cloud computing and read many articles to understand the base of the technology first. I still remember there is an animation video from salesforce which explains about cloud computing and with apartment example, which really helps me to understand better and I can able to explain about salesforce to others.

Now salesforce has awesome Trailhead team to make us understand about salesforce easier and in a simpler way.The Navigate the Salesforce Advantage has four trailhead modules, which explains to you what Salesforce is all about to the users. Let's check the one by one

1. Salesforce Success Model

In this unit, you will learn about what is salesforce and how salesforce will be benefits for business.
It also contains information on salesforce 1-1-1 model. As we are in the salesforce ecosystem, we must know as a company what salesforce is doing? what is there history?

2. Salesforce Cloud Benefits

This unit gives you the idea about cloud computing and how salesforce customer benefits from the cloud and comparison between on-premise and cloud computing. More importantly, you will also have the answer for most common question Whether salesforce is the platform or an app?

3. Salesforce Technology Basics

When you explain about cloud computing to someone, the first thing it will strike in their mind about data security.This unit covers about how Salesforce provides a level of security that no individual company could provide on their own and also explains about the multitenancy concepts with the real time example which everyone will understand.

4. Salesforce Ecosystem

It's all about the powerful weapon of salesforce.You understand where to get started, how to connect with others, get help, share ideas, and collaborate.How to find local salesforce events, groups and about MVP program.

I'm now well prepared to explain about salesforce to anyone and now it's your turn to complete that module.


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