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Rolling out the Chennai Salesforce Developer User Group

Finally organized the first Salesforce developer meet up in Chennai on Sept-08.Now it's turn of Chennai Salesforce platform developer user group. Really amazing response from the Chennai Salesforce developers, totally 41 people registered for the event and 22 people attended the event, due to heavy rain in the morning some of them are unable to join they informed me through email and call.

In the  inaugural meetup we had two technical session one through online and other in offline. Initially I gave intro about the user group and then Ritika Dhandia who is technical lead in and Venkat who is developer in joined through online.

Ritika took one hour session on “Salesforce mobile sdk” and showed demo on it, then she answered some technical questions related to Salesforce platform through online and then Satheesh(member of group) he took a session on  “how to deploy the app in the AppExchange”. Later we gave opportunity to each attendee to share their views and expectation on the upcoming meet ups and at the end conducted cloud trivia and distributed the T-shirts, books to the winners. Check here for the some pictures of this event.

Thanks to Kavindra Patel and  April Kyle Nassi for sending the awesome goodies.  Special thanks to Venkat, who helped me lot in conducting this meetup and also thanks to Durairaj sir who motivated to me to organize this Chennai meetup and guide me to conduct this event. Thanks to both of them.

Once again thanks to all the attendees, speakers and also thanks to Sathyanarayanan and  Smartek Consultancy Services for providing the space to conduct the meet up.

After seeing the pictures of the Chennai Salesforce developer meetup, I got wishes from April Kyle Nassi, Kavindra Patel, Anand B Narasimhan (Senior Product Manager at Heroku), developer Evangelist and also lot more from community contributors. Thanks to all the them for your wishes and encouragement.

It's really great experiences for me to organize this group and I'm very much happy and proud to be an initiator of Chennai Salesforce Platform Developer User Group


  1. That was really a great start for Chennai Salesforce User Group!! Hope to see more and more members in the future meetup

  2. Nice Job. Learn more about saleforce at


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