I am a force.com developer

This blog post is about my resume infographic built using salesforce visualforce charting. I hope you all familiar with Siddesh Kabe resume infographics which built using salesforce dashboards and report (check here). In the similar way I planned to build my inforgraphics in salesforce platform using visualforce charting component and finally i got some time to build that. The Visualforce charting component is generally available from Winter’13 release.

Using force.com site I enabled the public access to my visualforce page and data. Check this link http://skaranraj-developer-edition.ap1.force.com/Resume

This infographic is built on the Salesforce platform using visualforce page and apex controller, the dashboards in the page are displayed using native visualforce charting component (except: “About me”  section which is an image generated using wordle.net ) and data are retrieved from my developer organization.

Looking forward for your suggestions/comments and thoughts.


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