Plan your Dreamforce with “Dreamforce Trail”

Salesforce has many good resources for anybody looking to begin Salesforce as beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Trailhead is also one among the good resource to learn salesforce and my favorite too. I have also written blog post about Trailhead & my favorite module  This  blog post covers an interesting and helpful Trailhead module. Yes Its all about 'Dreamforce Trail', if you are a Dreamforce Attendee, then I strongly recommend you to take a look into this Trailhead module. No Admin skill or No Developer skill is required for this module.Start winning Badges and is gamified so it motivates you to reach more badges and finally you end up gaining knowledge on Salesforce.

Why do we have Dreamforce Trail module in Trailhead? 

To help people who is coming to dreamforce for the first time and to plan well for the events. Dreamforce is a tech feast for anybody. Dreamforce is salesforce festival. If you don’t plan well, you will miss something highly helpful. This Dreamforce Trail module covers for people who is going Dreamforce for the first time and also for people who already went and how to plan well to cover all the events.

Below are the topics covered in this module,

  • This trail helps people to know what is Dreamforce and where it is conducted and how you develop a Dreamforce strategy.
Admins and Developers at Dreamforce
  • This trail tells how admins and developers can get most out of this Dreamforce
  • What is there in the box for admins and Developers?
  • What you shouldn't miss?
  • Challenge again here on your understanding of Admin zone and Dev Zone.
Maximize your experience
  • This trails is for all people on how to plan for your dreamforce.
  • It also tells you how Salesforce success community helps you before, during and after the Dreamforce. So stay connected with success community.
  • How to socialize? What to do after dreamforce ?
So you know A-Z of Dreamforce. Are you ready for Dreamforce this year? Yes why not with this Trail.This new trail is a good addition to Trailhead and worth reading it. Many might not know what is Dreamforce, after reading this their level on Dreamforce will be 100%.  I got my Dreamforce Trail badge, go ahead start wining badges, share with your social network.Thank you Salesforce for adding this trail. Can’t wait to see some more trails.

Dreamforce Trail -


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