How to get help in Salesforce

Salesforce has tons of documentation to learn about its platform and also it has Trailhead, one of the best ways to learn salesforce on your own with the practical examples however when we are working with real time project we might face issues and we don't know how to proceed further after that or you might have no clues how to handle some scenario in salesforce. Sometimes documentation may not be helpful to get a straight forward answer for those questions but salesforce community members can. Believe me, Salesforce has very strong and knowledgeable community contributors where you can get help. Let's see how to get help in salesforce.
Firstly, let's see about Developer Forums - Salesforce has its own official discussion forum for developers to ask their queries. Here are some tips to ask your questions in the forum. Before posting any questions, as a first step search in the forum most of the time you will get an answer to your question. If not then post your question in the forum. Ask better question to get a better answer .when you ask your question make sure that it's understandable for others and you described your problem clearly. When posting your code I strongly recommend using code formats <> so it's helpful for others to read and understand your code clearly.Always set the right category for your question so it reaches the right salesforce experts.If you follow the mentioned tips in the developer forum then the probability of getting an answer to the question is very high.
Secondly, Answers forum aka. Success community this official forum is for the salesforce admins and users where its focused for non-development questions i.e, declarative questions like workflow rule, formula, reports etc., When you are asking your question in this forum give more details like which salesforce edition you are using and whether you are a admin or non-admin users this kind of information is helpful for the experts to provide answer accordingly. For example, In professional edition, the visual workflow is not available if you mentioned in your question as you are professional edition users based on that you will get answers from the experts ultimately its saves time for everyone.
Apart from this two official forums we also have Salesforce stack exchange site for the stack exchange forum fans where you can post any admin or development oriented questions which are maintained by the salesforce community experts. If you are a twitter junkie and if you can fit your questions in 140 characters you can ask the experts using the hashtag #askforce. If you also think you want to reach your forum question more audience then post your questions in any of the above-mentioned forums and share the link using the #askforce hashtag. 
More importantly, if the answer to your question is resolves your problem then make sure to mark the answer as the solution whether its developer forum or answer community or salesforce stack exchange. It might be helpful for someone in the future if they face similar kind of problem and it is also one of the best ways to say thanks in the forums. I hope this post is helpful for someone to know where and how to ask the questions about salesforce.


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