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10th Chennai Salesforce Meetup - Recap

1538792_736538279714960_3783968960107958094_nAfter the Salesforce1 developer week in Chennai, yesterday we gathered to discuss about Winter’15 release and Dreamforce. Our fellow group members showed very good response for this event from the time this event was scheduled. This time 50+ salesforce administrators and developers from different companies gathered and three developers from Trichy who traveled more than 300 kms to attended this meetup. Everyone so excited about this event and that shows the energy.

Initially I presented about the Visualforce remote object, which is one of the generally available features in Winter’15 release, we had trivia in the mid of my topic which helps to make the session more interactive and many attendees bagged awesome salesforce t-shirts and books.Here is my presentation deck and refer this link for the code samples.

Then Shivanath presented about Dreamforce, What is dreamforce event? and how its helpful for the developers. The session is really helpful for the attendees those who haven’t attended the Dreamforce before. We also had quiz about the dreamforce event and distributed goodies to the winners.
Then we had a general QA session lots of interesting questions about salesforce platform from the attendees.

Thank you all attendees for joining and thanks for your continuous support to this group and also very big thanks to Matt Brown and April Kyle Nassi for their great support.

Join Chennai meetup group to get regular updates about the events in Chennai. See you all very soon in the next meetup in Chennai.


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