Trailhead & My Favourite Module

For anybody who is looking to learn salesforce or want to explore their salesforce knowledge then it is Trailhead that will help them to achieve. Salesforce announced trailhead at the 2014 dreamforce. Its a great platform that I would recommend everybody to explore.

Trailhead is nothing but a platform provided by salesforce for anybody to learn salesforce easily. It covered all the basic and important topics and also provides a way to perform hands on by means of challenges. The concept behind it is super and I would like to thank the team who worked for this, best gift to the fellow developers. Best way to learn and play.

MY FAVOURITE MODULE : Process Automation

Process automation feature is the best way to achieve the business logic in a easy way by means of only clicks rather than coding. Salesforce provides multiple tools to automate the business process like Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflow, Workflow, and Approvals.

There are currently 4 Process Automation tools available in Salesforce platform at the initial stage you might get confused, which one you have to choose? and which is the right tool for your business flow. There is clear answer for this question in Trailhead, the very first section of this module will explains clearly about the automation tools and comparison chart with the real time example under the title Choosing the Right automation Tool

Process Builder:

Currently Lightning Process Builder is one of the favourite feature in Salesforce platform. Using Process builder you can perform your simple business logics without writing a single line of code. It can easily perform multiple operations in a single process rather than using multiple workflow rules. It provides a powerful and user friendly visual representation of your process as you build it. You can able to do immediate action and also time based action using process builder. Following are the actions you can able to perform in process builder.

1. You call apex code
2. Create new record
3. Update record
4. Email alert
5. Call Flows
6. Chatter Post
7. Call Quick Actions
8. Submit a record for approval

Approximately you are going to spend 20 mins to learn about this process tools.

Example: Once Opportunity is closed won, then you want to automatically share the information with your Sales head chatter group. You can able to do this using process builder.

Visual WorkFlow:

Visual Workflow allows you to automate business processes by building applications, known as flows, that collects, updates, edits, and creates Salesforce information, and then make those flows available to the right users or systems. Flows can execute logic, interact with the Salesforce database, call Apex classes, and guide users through screens for collecting and updating data.You need only ~20 mins to learn and complete this challenge

Example : If you like to build a screen to collect survey information, then you can able to build using flow without writing code. Its simple click and drag tool to design your screen. No coding knowledge is required to work with Flow.

Workflow Rule:

This workflow rule allows you to automate process based on the criteria when a record is created or updated. In the workflow rule you can able to Update record, create task, Email alert and outbound message. Lightning Process builder is a powerful tool when compared to workflow rule, I strongly recommend you to go with your business logic with Process builder. If you like to send an outbound message or create a task then you can choose workflow tool to perform your logic without writing code. To complete this module you are going to spend only ~15 mins.

Example : If Opportunity record is successfully closed won, then you want to send record details to external system. Then you can create workflow rule and set the outbound message action to send details

Approval Process:

The Approval Process helps you to automate the record approval process in salesforce platform. The Approval process will have all the actions which we are using in workflow rule. An approval process specifies the steps necessary for a record to be approved and who must approve it at each step. In approval process based on the user action you can perform actions, like if the record is approved then can perform certain actions and if the record is rejected then you can able to perform certain actions based on your business rule. Approximately it will take only 20 mins to complete this module.

If the new lead is generated with low value and very low priority, then it must be approved by the sales head to process further, then you can go with the approval process to achieve this requirement.

There are lot more awesome things you can able to do using Process automation tool in Salesforce. Don't miss to check the Process Automation module in TrailHead. Over all you need approximately ~1.2 hours to get pro level in salesforce process automation which going to save your time and effort from writing code.


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